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I am shocked at the lack of respect that pharmazone labs has for consumers. I tried one of there so called sexual enhancement gels and it hurt my wife so bad that she had to stop everything and get a towel to wipe it off. I then recieved a second shipment of the same *** this time it wasn't a trial it was the monthly auto shipment that was 50 bucks a shot. I called the company several times and finally got throught to a very rude operator that told me i was suppose to call them within the time frame of the sample to stop the auto ship and since i did not then they can not refund the s/h of 10 bucks for a little package. I thought that was unacceptable so i asked to talk with a manager and of course they were on lunch. So i called back later and got another rude operator that told me she was a supervisor. So i told here my story and she told me that she would review the tape of the original conversation and if there was a problem then they would call me but if there was no problem then i wouldn't here anything and i wouldn't get a refund. I thought this was *** so i got here name and number and then she gave me some more info and then before i was done she told me thanks for calling and shushed me off the phone and basically hung up on me. I can not believe that there are companies out there that can operate like this and take peoples money for nothing and have no regard for respect for the consumer. This type of thing makes me so mad. Especially when there is nothing i can do and they don't seem to care.

pissed off

Monetary Loss: $50.

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