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viapren dosen't work, and isn't free. it's a fraud!

exactly 1 week after i received my "free" sample i received a full month's supply and a bill for $48.00. I was not given the time to cancel before it was shipped, as I was told on the phone. I can now see why these newspaper ad products are not available in retail stores, this is the second product I tried that turned out to be fraudulent. I was trying to get something that I didn't have to get from a pharmacist.

I now use Viagra, it may be expensive, but it works.

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Yiwu, Zhejiang, China #24218

Yea, I got ripped off too, they gave me no time limit to cancel and they billed me, when i called they said i had 10 days to call and it hadn't been 10 days. it was BS for them to charge me 48.00 for some *** breath strips that don;t work

Joensuu, Eastern Finland, Finland #22258

they skeeemm.... I was told that once i reveice the product, i have 10 days from then to cancel..

NOPE... $50 charged and they hassle the *** out of me when i call. I tried to speak to a manager.

They all said no.. I'm going to rip them a new one

Suffield Depot, Connecticut, United States #14156

get over it, Christ. A few trials of products to improve your performance is to be expected.

So it didn't work and you're out ten bucks.. big deal.

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