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I was fooled into believing that Viapren from Pharmazone Labs really worked, it did not for me. I tried the FREE 10 day trial.

which i was told is from the day i recieve it. It took 6 day to get here, i actually didnt try it for another 4 day thinking i was ok. I was charge the monthly fee of 49.00 5 days after i received it. I ask the sales rep three times and she confirmed it was 10 days from when you "receive the product".

I called to cancel the product and the rude customer service told me i was *** to think that, since they don't know when i received the viapren. I can keep the product and get a $16.00 refund or return the product and pay restocking fees shipping and handling fees and plus pat to ship it back. All of these fees (22.00) will be worth getting there product out of my home.

Well ive been had, hope i can save a few headaches.

Monetary Loss: $49.

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