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I don't know what you are talking husband and I are regular users of Viaprin and it WORKS GREAT!!!!! Best $9.41 I ever spent.

Cal;ll every 11 days to cancel your order and then call for the free order again, and get a full months supply for only $9.41. Why are people so dumb? When I first got my supply our sex life was the best it has been since we got married twenty years ago. Not everything works on everybody and that is why they tell you you can get your money back if it don'[t work on you.

And why call a hundred times to *** them off? You are putting honest hardworking workers out of work, the economy sucks as it is and you just want to make it worse.

Get a life, a sex life with VIAPRIN.

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I just resigned from my "Sales" position @ Pharmazone/Nimbus/Viapren. Let me tell you: They practically have you FORCE the customer into saying "Yes".

The minute you get the persons CC#, they tell you to stop being nice and push the customer (victim) into getting a "Yes" out of them! Then you are supposed to ramble through the disclaimer so fast they dont realize what they are aggreeing to. All that being said, IF there was a CS# you could actually get ahold of and speak with someone helpful, it would be ok. But as you all have learned, there is no one on your side who's willing to help at the so called CS line!

I'm sorry for any involvement I had in this company. It's only been 2 weeks, but I feel bad just having helped this company scam people for 2 weeks!

It's "Boiler Room" tactics they want us to use and I should have known better. I guess I'll continue my job hunt.

:) Viapren seems to have some benefit in a self appricating setting.enough samples to test further with female partner.
Cedar Lake, Michigan, United States #23591

viapren is dabomb

Ottawa, Ohio, United States #19052

If I were the person looking into this company for fraudulent activity, I would check on the following names and accounts.

Timothy K Isaac, Donald Isaac, Margaret Dean, Pharmazone Labs, Pharmazone Fulfillment, Pharmazone Media, IGM Labs, Apani, J K Labs, Nimbus Communications Inc., Ultra Health Products, Natural Science Labs, and Bionate.

I would check history of the companies, and the merchant accounts.

Avon, South Dakota, United States #18555

Don't be too hard on this person, maybe they can help those of us that have been scammed. How do you cancel your order on day 11 when they auto ship on day 10, that's my first question?

Then how do you get a refund on that returned shipment when the refund policy says you have 30 days to return the product but the agents says you can expect a refund in 6 weeks? 6 weeks later when you call, the agent says they still have not received the return and you have now exceeded the 30 days and are not getting a refund? And what about this, post office policy allows you to reject unwanted merchandise and return it for no postage, however the company says you MUST attach postage to return the product? When did PL become dictator to PO policy?

Also, the agent said I needed a confirmation number from the post office so they could track the package, yet they reported to the BBB in AZ that I did not need that, so which is correct, do I or do I not? PL agents have used everything I've done or not done as an excuse to not issue a refund. No matter how good the product might be is really not the issue here, the issue is a company operating barely within any legal limits, and definitely outside moral and ethical ones. I for one do not take theft, which is what this is, very well and have documented everything, every call, every letter, everything.

I've reported them to BBB and AG in AZ as well as USPS and my credit company. Next step for me is a lawyer and I'm doing that today.

Samarinda, Kalimantan Timur, Indonesia #15712

I currently use Viagra and am happy with the results. I was Curious about Viaprin and was thinking it was a scam and now am sure of it.

I will continue to pay the steep price for something I know is not a scam and works. Phizer ROCKS!

Altoona, Wisconsin, United States #11474

Besides the grammatical errors and 3rd grade verbiage, you sound like someone who works for the company as it's not real sincere. This product sounds like a definite scam. Google it- the first page is made up entirely of complaints and bad feelings.

Ottawa, Ohio, United States #8471

Let me guess….. this was written, poorly, by someone in the Pharmazone office.

The fools are the ones who buy in to products like this. But as long as there are fools who think a pill will make your *** bigger, and make you “perform better”, go ahead and peddle your elixirs, and steal peoples, (fools) money.

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